The Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Premises at the Rent and for the Term stated herein:

"Landlord Name" "Tenant Name"

Premises: "Premises"
Furnished X Unfurnished ___ Partial ___

Lease date: Term "Term" Seasonal Rent : "Seasonal rent"
06/21/17 beginning "beginning" Bed Tax: "Bed Tax"
ending "ending" Security: "Security"
Rental Agent: Lisa Mckenna/Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate

Tenant covenants and agrees as follows:
1. Not to assign this agreement or sublet the demised premises and contents, without written consent of the landlord and/or his agent.

2. To pay all charges of toll telephone calls, that shall accrue or be charged upon or against the demised premises during the said term.
To reimburse Landlord for any Pay-Per-View TV rentals incurred during the term of this lease. To permit the Landlord or his or her
agents to enter the premises at reasonable hours in the daytime to examine or show same or to make reasonable repairs therein.
To make no alterations in or on the premises, nor use them for any purpose other than that of a single family residence without the
written consent of the Landlord. To repair any and all damages caused by neglect or carelessness of the Tenant, family, guests or agents
to the demised premises.
The Tenant further agrees that the maximum nightly occupancy is limited to "Occupancy" persons.

3. At the end or other termination of this lease to make well and sufficiently repair, replace or pay for all furnishings, appliances, equip-
ment and other personal property of the Landlord, etc., now in the demised premises that shall have been lost, destroyed, broken or
damaged, otherwise than by reasonable use and wear thereof during the term. Nor to cut or destroy, or permit to be cut or destroyed
any trees or shrubbery thereon, and to quit and surrender the premises and furniture, etc., in as good a state and condition as they were
at the time of taking possession of said premises, reasonable use and wear thereof and damages by the elements excepted.

Landlord covenants and agrees as follows:
4. To have the premises and contents clean in order for occupancy of said Tenant at the beginning of the term herein stated. To make
all repairs to the demised premises necessary to maintain them in good condition, provided however, that such repairs are not the re-
sult of neglect or carelessness of the Tenant, family, guests or agents. To see that the premises, (including plumbing, heating, lighting,
electrical and roof) are in good condition and free from leaks. And to allow said Tenant, on paying the rent and performing the con-
venants and agreements herein contained, to quietly enjoy the demised premises, furniture, furnishings, etc., for the term hereby granted.

5. That in case said premises shall be patially destroyed by fire, the same shall be repaired as speedily as possible at the expense of the
Landlord. In case the damage be so extensive as to render the premises untenantable, due allowances of rents shall be made for such
time as the premises are untenantable. In case of total destruction of the premises by fire or otherwise, the rent shall be apportioned
pro rata up to the time of destruction, and any rental paid over such apportionment shall be paid to the Tenant, and this lease shall be
terminated at the time of such destruction provided, however, that such damage or destruction be not caused by carelessness, negligent or
improper conduct of the Tenant, family, guests or agents.

Additional Covenants
6. THE ABOVE SECURITY WILL BE HELD BY Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate. The security deposit may be
used by the Landlord at the time the unit is vacated by the Tenant on account of breach of any convenient in this
lease, or toward reimbursement of the cost of repairing any intentional or negligent damages to the premises
beyond normal wear and tear caused by the Tenant, his family, dependents or guests; or charges for cleaning not
performed prior to vacating, or other charges owed by Tenant.

7. Landlord agrees the balance after payment of items as provided for above, if any, shall be returned
along with an itemized statement of those costs to the Tenant within a reasonable period after tenant vacates premises.
In the event a dispute arises pertaining to the security, the broker will continue to hold security until the disagreement is settled between the parties or by means of legal action.

8. The security deposit is neither an advance of rent, nor does it include rent for the last term of occupancy.

9. It is further agreed and understood that Pets are Not Allowed in or on the leased premises and that
Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the home and/or on the property grounds. If Tenant smokes outside the home,
cigarette butts shall be properly disposed of. Any violation of this covenant will be considered a breach of this agreement and will result in immediate eviction.
The security deposit will be forfeit and an additional Cleaning Fee will be charged.
Occupant and all parties will be subject to immediate eviction from the property if they violate any terms of the Agreement,
including, but not limited to violation of the occupancy limits, pet provision, smoking or noise ordiance.
In event of eviction from the property the occupant shall forfeit all amounts paid and there will be no refund of money

10. If Tenant has not made prior personal inspection of the leased premises, Tenant acknowledges and agrees to lease
the premises "as is" subject to any of facts that a personal inspection would have disclosed. Neither Landlord nor
agent shall be responsible for providing any item or service which is present and would have been disclosed by a personal inspection.
Rob Grant & Associates will not be held responsible for any "Acts Of God" resulting from weather related events or natural disasters of any
kind which may result in the damage to property or disruption of services. Rob Grant & Associates will also not be held responsible for any man made
disasters of any kind which may result in the damage to property or disruption of services. **Landlord is not responsable for what happens to adjacent property.**

11. The Landlord and Tenant recognize Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate sole broker who brought about this lease,
and the Landlord agrees to pay a rental commission to the broker of 20% of the weekly or seasonal rent, or 10% of the monthly
rent on an annual lease unless otherwise agreed herein. In the event the party of the second part
shall continue as a Tenant or occupant of these premises for a successive period or term, the Landlord, will pay the said broker the usual commission.
In the event the Landlord agrees to lease said property directly to a tenant, his agents or assigns, which Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate has secured,
currently or in the past, through its marketing and advertising, Landlord agrees to pay the usual rental commission to the broker.
In the event of a sale of the premises to the Tenant, his agents or assigns, it is agreed that Rob Grant & Associates Real Estate be recognized
as the sole authorized broker and that the usual selling commission shall be paid by the Seller.

12. Other Provisions: Payment Schedule:
"Deposit" non-refundable deposit has been receive on "Date".
(There is a No Cancellation policy. Your personal check binds this rental AND when the rental agreement is
signed by both the property owner and the tenant, your rental is binding and in effect. )
(There are no refunds!) However, if a cancellation is necessary due to an emergency only, all attempts will be
made to re-rent. If successful your deposit will be returned less a $250 administration fee.
Security deposit in the amount of "Sec. Dep", Bed Tax "Bed Tax" and "Balance" as balance of rent is due on or before "Sec. Date"

And it is agreed that the convenants and agreements herein contained shall bind the parties hereto, their
heirs, assigns, or legal representatives. As witness whereof the said landlord and the said Tenant have
hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year noted below.

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